25 Horse power, Red Roo stump grinder with, 75cm width access effective for grinding out most suburban tree stumps25 Hp Red Roo Stump Grinder

48 Horse Power, Red Roo stump grinder with remote control ability, 90cm width access, able to deal with the largest of tree stumps.

A intimidating 115 Horse power, 12 inch Bandit Chipper, which can deal with the toughest of woods converting it to environmentally friendly garden wood chips.

Stump Grinding

Tree stumps of any size can be removed using our specialist equipment. We have narrow access capabilities with a minimum 75cm access required for our stump grinder.  Stumps can be ground down to between 6" - 14" below the surface of the ground. The resulting hole is then backfilled using the grindings and the excess is piled on top of the hole. The stump grinder turns problem stumps into useful chips that can be recycled ad used as organic mulch on the garden. Stump grinding is the most efficient form of stump extraction for most situations with minimal ground disturbance and minimal time required


All tree waste is chipped on site using our 14 inch, “Bandit Chipper”.  Chipped branches and trunk can be removed, or if you choose to keep the chippings to use on your own garden, it can be left on site.


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