Arborists utilize a variety of specialized equipment to carry out tree removal and pruning operations. Common arbor equipment we use daily includes, chainsaws, slings, ropes, pulleys, friction drums, Karabiners, climbing spikes, harnesses, ascenders, prussiks, heavy duty lowering ropes and tool strops.

The 2m long Big Shot slingshot fires a weighted bag over 100 feet into the air, reaching the tallest of tree tops. Attached to the weighted bag is a fine line which is used to haul up a life rope. The Big Shot slingshot allows our expert climbers rig their life rope to the top of large trees enabling them to skilfully manoeuvre throughout the tree canopy.

Tree Removal:

Tree removal may be a drastic step, but there are circumstances when it is necessary. Removal is essential when a tree is dead, diseased, fallen (storm damaged) or considerably hazardous. Full removal may be required for the safety and protection of your family, the public & property.

Often called Section Felling.  Space beneath a tree may be limited in this situation a tree must be taken down piece by piece instead of felled whole. The area beneath the tree is cleared of obstructions and lowering ropes are used to lower cut limbs.

Storm Damage
After strong winds or violent storms, branches may be broken or whole trees uprooted. We specialise in whole tree removal, but also prune branches to ensure storm damaged trees are made safe.

Site Clearance
Total tree removal during land clearance activities for development work

Directional Tree Felling
With consideration given to safety and space, a tree may be directional felled whole. Using a combination of placement cuts, wedges and tension ropes.

Fire Hazard
If a tree is impinging on your residence, and your house is located in bushfire prone areas, you may decide for the safety of your family and protection of property to remove the tree

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