Messy Cocos Palm Head with dead leaves and hanging fruit bodies.

Cleaned-up Cocos Palm Head with dead leaves and hanging fruit bodies removed.

Tree Pruning:

Palm Tree Clean-ups  (Cocos Palm/Queen Palm)
Includes the removal of dead and adhering palm leaves and hanging fruit bodies.  Cleaning-up of the palm tree head can reduce the nuisance of fruit drop and improves the visual aesthetics of the tree.

Carefully selected pruning activities which aim to improve a tree's aesthetic qualities.

Reducing the overall size of the tree through pruning operations. Reduces the tree's height and spread.

Pruning activities which raise the crown and canopy. This raises the distance between ground and canopy often to improve access along paths and increase light.

Involves reduction in density of the tree. Reduces the potential for damage which may be caused from crown resistance to strong winds.

Dead Wooding
The removal of dead branches from the tree, removes branches which may potentially fall on buildings, fences, vehicles and/or the public.

Cleaning Out
The removal of dead, diseased, damaged, weak and crossed branches.

Hedge Trimming
Squaring off a hedge along a fence or building lines.

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